Gram Swaraj Seva Trust (HQ)

P.O. Manohardham, Dattpur – 442001,
City : Wardha
Taluka: Wardha,
District: Wardha,
Maharashtra (India)

+91 7774056881 (Mobile)
+91 07152-251918 (Landline)
+91 07152-251918 (Fax)


We are actively looking for all kinds of volunteers for a range of tasks, activities, work in the farm. Help us and gain some experience, karma and everything in between. Looking for 10 hours to 40 hours commitment a week, do it for a month or two or more. Everybody is welcome, we are not looking for any specific backgrounds, formal education or age groups. If you want hands on work, you can work with our animals, our farm pond, our fields, our vermi-compost pits and our farm products. If you are looking for something desk based, then do some data entry, market research on the internet, collate success stories etc. We are also open for people that want to do remote work/online work from wherever. We are open and flexible but we do ask for a disciplined commitment. We will give an experience certificate on performance if required. Please call us or drop us an email.


Like we always say, we cant do it alone. We look for like minded stakeholders t partner with and amplify both our impacts and better outcomes for our clients, beneficiaries and customers. If you are NGO, Institution, Company, Bank, Individual please do drop us an email and let us explore what synergies exist. If you are in the agriculture, food, nutrition and health space, in maharashtra though not necessarily, we would love to engage, be connected to start with and learn from you on your success stories and share ours.


We welcome your donations either in cash or kind. We are extremely grateful for such support as it helps us do more, reach more and provide better services. We have a farm, we have offices, we have a pond, we have animals and we do farmer schools so we are open to all kinds of donations apart from money