Here we will be talking about a wide range of topics pertaining to our people, our focus, our programs, our impact and on the wider world highlighting relevant advances in technology and health in the context of agriculture and more specifically for maharashtra agriculture. We are excited for a new beginning at the Trust,  the opportunity to work with farmers and pitch in wherever the gaps exist.  No change happens overnight, we are aware of that, and it takes years of persistence, hardwork and discipline to effect change and outcomes, so we are grounded for the long haul.  

With climate change, agriculture has been impacted very harshly to state the obvious. when rain that use to be spread over months now happens in cloud bursts over few days, when thundercells pop up rather unpredictably, hail falls randomly and temperature swings more common, we are in for a ride.  in these times, with disease outbreaks happening more, with pests getting aggressive, frequent and vicious, the health of all our actors and stakeholders is affected, its imperative we focus on their resiliency for survival and success.

This is will be our underlying theme along with an urgency to act with solutions for our audiences, our small land holding farmers, landless laborers, women and micro entrepreneurs, all whether they be on-ground and/or online.   

More on the next diary.  Again, welcome to our blog, and we really appreciate your reading it, any feedback, yays and nays as well.