Our Current Programs

At the moment, these are our current programs in our trust, some from the past, some of them which are active, some in development, some in design and others which are inactive for the moment.  Depending on the location and the priorities of the farmers, we fine tune these programs. If you wish to help us, support us deliver programs financially, or with materials, props or giving your time in whatever manner, please do contact us. We really could use any help we can get. We have put more details of the program in a document, so please do click on the document icon to see more.

1.  Financial Literacy and Counseling Program

We provide a systematic approach to farmers and rural families to understand their finances, their options, their choices and their path ahead. This modularization of the program is to address all levels of agrarian population. It is unique as compared to other programs out there as we also address farm income and expenses, get into the details of cost tracking of farm activities and livestock

Category – Financial

Beneficiaries – 0
Activity – Awareness
Status – Design

2. Financial Support for Micro Entrepreneurs

GSST has been providing financial loans to rural economically active poor women members for to undertake income generating activity. The objective is to provide collateral free door-step financial assistance so as to raise their income and living standard. This program is on a pilot phase since last one year. About 284 rural economically active poor women members of SHG/JLG in 30 villages of Wardha district. The revolving fund support (Rs. 15k to 25k per member) has been provided for various farm and non-farm activities like Agri-Input purchase, Dairy, Goatery, Fishery, Broom Making, vegetable/fruit vendor etc.

Category – Financial

Beneficiaries – 235
Activity – Service
Status – Active

Picture Albums

2004 Feb

Wateshed Development

Category – Water

Watershed work predominantly helps to hold and prevent water runoff during/after rainfall. Many strategies and methods exist. We mention a couple of them as implemented by GSST and as they are featured in the album. Contour Bunding is a way that places stones along natural rises of a landscape that helps hold water and also prevent wind erosion of the soil. Gabion dams are like small dams made of cage or cylinder filled with rocks, concrete or sand and soil to retain water or divert its flow.

2002 Dec

Training & Capacity Building Programs

Category – Farmer

Training for livelihood, training for entrepreneurship programs and specifically targeting at women has been focus for GSST.  Capacity building for SHG (self help groups)

1998 Mar

Veterinary Camps in Watershed

Category – Animal

Camps help to promote public awareness on health of livestock and small ruminants. And their important in increase of yield as well safety of meat. It helps farmers realise better rates as well with disease free livestock in markets.